BabyMed User Feeback


Obie Editorial Team

We love to hear from our members and visitors, please drop us a line with your suggestions or questions. Below is just some of the feedback we have received over the last few years.

I love your site. It got right to the point for me. Thank you so much, babyMed!

Thanks so much for this website. I have looked at a  million pregnancy sites and this one is the best ever. I usually feel like I have wasted my time but today I feel so much better, lots of positive information. I will consult here on a regular basis. Thanks again!
— Chaz

I am really enjoying being on this website and learning a lot! I have been trying to conceive for years so this site is very helpful, and now I am pregnant! Thank you!
— Liz

I think the site is great.
— Nicole

Your babyMed website is most helpful and informative.  You rock!!
— Kim

— Melissa

I really love this website.  I love the information and resources.
— Jonalyn

I love your facebook app and tools. They are 100% accurate every parent to be should have it.
— Emma

I love this website. Thank you for making it and its very helpful understanding pregnancy.
— Terrika

It took me a while to understand this app but now I fully understands how it works and it is fantastic.  It helps me a lot at work. I would recommend this app to midwiferys or neonatal nurses. Brilliant! Very good idea. Rating 10 out of 10.
— Tracey

I love your web site!! From all the ovulation calender I visit this was the only one acurate!!! Thanks!! Keep up the hard work
— Lilly

Your calculator was dead on! I confirmed my ovulation date with temping and a saliva scope ( fertile focus). The day it said implantation would happen I experienced a huge dip my temps and now I am pregnant
— Amy

Your BabyMed app is invaluable, comprehensive and very user friendly. It is better than all the paid for apps I tried. Keep up the good work and thanks for making it available.
— Susan

I downloaded this app for my iPhone and fell pregnant in the first month having been trying to concieve for a long time!
— Michelle

Hi! I've been trying to conceive and this site is very helpful and informative. More power to your site and hope more and more people will find your site very helpful.
— Angie

I think the site is great
—  nicolebrown