What is the Post-Coital Test?

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Obie Editorial Team

Q: What is the Post-Coital Test?

A: The post-coital test (PCT) is also known as the Sims-Huhner or just the Huhner test. The PCT assesses the interaction of the sperm and the cervical mucus. It is often part of the evaluation when you have difficulty conceiving, though many doctors feel it does not provide enough information. If the PCT is not normal, other evaluation or therapy may be suggested. The timing of the test is crucial: the PCT must be done at the time of ovulation. It is not valid if you don't ovulate or if it's done too early before or too late after ovulation.

  • Make sure the PCT is done within 24 hours of ovulation.
  • Have sexual intercourse at the time of ovulation after he has abstained for no less than 3 days and no more than 7-10 days.
  • The PCT should be done less than 4-6 hours after intercourse.
  • In your doctor's office a speculum exam will be performed and a small amount of cervical mucus will be withdrawn from the cervix.
  • The cervical mucus will then be examined under a microscope for the quality of the cervical mucus as well as the number of sperm present and their motility.