Patient Selection Criteria and Blastocyst Transfer

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Obie Editorial Team

Blastocyst Quality and DevelopmentA total of 420 participants were included in the study completed at the Fertility-Centro de Fertilizacao Assistida in Brazil. All participants were having ICSI fertility treatments. In all, 2,781 graded blastocysts were involved.

Researchers found a direct correlation between maternal age, FSH dose, BMI and blastocyst quality/development. Authors also noted that condition, specifically morphology of the embryo, may be a good predictor of blastocyst competence.

Conclusion: Patients of higher age and BMI should not be a part of embryo cultures. These factors may impact embryo development and morphology, which may be noticed on the second or third day of development. Higher FSH dose may negatively impact the quality of blastocysts.

Source: Braga DP, Setti AS, de Cássia S Figueira R, Machado RB, Iaconelli A Jr, Borges E Jr. Patient selection criteria for blastocyst transfers in extended embryo culture programs. J Assist Reprod Genet. 2012 Oct 11.