trust in God

Obie Editorial Team

So it has been a long road to finding out why we have not had any luck conceiving. We recently started seeing a reproductive specialist. She did an ultrasound and found a cyst that was 10 times the size of my ovary. She recommended that I have surgery to remove this right away. The cyst was actually endometriosis and they removed it. My thyroid levels have been good for a few months now and we are waiting on tests from my husband. Like I said it has been a long hard road. Many people I know are pregnant and it didn't take them long to get that way. I feel like it is never going to happen for me and my husband. It is so hard watching other people be successful and it being so difficult for us. Some days I just want to cry. But I know that the Lord has a plan for us and our time will come. Just have to be patient and take it day by day. We are going to continue to TTC naturally but if it comes to it we may  have to start rounds of clomid. Please pray for my husband and I that we may receive the joy of a child.