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nanny and childWhen looking for a nanny to care for your child, it is important to be fully prepared for the search from the start. Two of the best tools of preparation are honesty and planning. Honesty helps you lay out the precise elements you are looking for in a nanny and planning keeps you on track for your end goal even if you cannot find the perfect nanny right away.

Start with a List of Must Haves
What characteristics are you looking for in a great nanny? Write these characteristics down on the must-have list. The must-have list may not be politically correct, but that is okay because you need to find a nanny who fits well into your family and makes you feel comfortable when they are watching your child alone. For instance, if the thought of a male nanny (aka "manny") makes you uncomfortable, write the word female on the must-have list. From another angle, if your family is religious and having a religious nanny is important, write that on the must-have list. Once you have completed the must-have list you will have a precise description of the nanny you are looking for, which can be tremendously helpful when you are searching through many applicants on paper.

Compliment the Must-Have List with a Must-Do List
After you know who you are looking for it is important to move on to the job description. What are you looking for the nanny to accomplish each day? Things to add to the list include hours of work – will the nanny live-in or report to work each morning? How many days a week do you need nanny care? How much are you willing to pay for a nanny? Will the nanny be responsible for driving your child from place to place and will there be household chores included in nanny care? Cover all the possible job descriptive topics you can think of, research more topics and cover those as well.

Be Prepared with an Alternative Plan
Finding a good nanny is the end goal, but what happens to your child if a nanny is not secured before you are scheduled to return to work or before the date you have set to hire the nanny? Plan an alternative ending in the case that your search for the perfect nanny takes a little longer than you expected.

Many parents want to know how to find a good nanny and the answer is simple and complicated. Finding a good nanny takes time, preparation and planning, but most of all it takes patience. Having an alternative plan ensures your child receive the care he needs and you are never forced to hire just anyone because you need child care right now.

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