8 Most Popular Baby Boy Names for 2019

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Obie Editorial Team

Expecting a baby boy in 2019? While the year isn’t over just yet, there have been quite a few baby names for boys that have gained popularity so far. In no particular order, here are 8 of the most popular boys' baby names this year for your son.

  1. Liam: A German name that suggests a “strong protector”.

  2. Noah: A religious name that pays tribute to the Old Testament.

  3. Oliver: In Old English, refers to an olive tree.

  4. Ethan: A Hebrew name that means “strong, firm, and long-lived”. Not undesirable qualities at all!

  5. James: Derived from the Hebrew name Jacob, this name means “one who follows”.

  6. Jackson: With Scottish origins, this name was originally a surname.

  7. Aiden: Named for the Celtic god of the sun, means “fiery”. 

  8. Logan: Another surname-turned-first name, this one also has Scottish origins.